What's your get SET plan?

Across the two businesses, IT@Spectrum and The One Point, Martin Lauer and I are working with our teams to manage the Covid19 situation and its impact on all stakeholders. We have 3 main areas of focus; how we SURVIVE, how we EMERGE, and how we subsequently THRIVE – hence the “get SET” plan.

Like most businesses we are currently speaking to, our senior leaders are very focussed on how we SURVIVE and EMERGE, but we have asked our entire workforce to contribute to the question of how we THRIVE when we come out on the other side.

Everyone has been asked to keep an informal journal of what they are experiencing, feeling and learning through these extraordinary times, with a request that in a few weeks’ time they summarise their individual 5 key “lessons learned”, both business or personal, which will help us all to THRIVE in the future.

We think it would be great to then compile the answers and get everyone together to review the results at a full staff meeting and social event, once the social distancing rules are relaxed and we’re back to (a potentially new and different) “normal”.

In the meantime, whether they are working on the front line delivering essential customer services, home-working or furloughed, we continue to do our utmost to make sure everyone knows what we want them to do, believes it’s right, is able to do it and wants to do it – our four key pillars to ensure ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

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