Unleashing the Entrepreneur Within

Many entrepreneurs run out of steam after 10 to 15 years. FEO’s solution to this problem is to find and liberate the entrepreneurial talent within your business, with the business owner giving ambitious individuals the time and support to deliver a key project - bringing best practice from outside the business to create solutions and to inject energy and pace into the process. This can revitalise the business’s fortune.

This new FEO programme has been successfully pioneered in several local businesses in a Pilot programme and the results have been very encouraging. Projects completed include;


Partnering to create new clients and win key suppliers


Reducing costs and improving cash flow and profits


Business development / sales


Performance management


Developing systems and processes


Creating a new business

How does Unleashing work?

A small group of ambitious ‘intrepreneurs’ from non-competing businesses attend four interactive half day sessions to help them improve their business in a range of key growth areas.

Programme facilitators and hosts are FEO peers who have successfully completed the programme and having seen the benefits, agreed to "pay it forward" by inspiring others to succeed.

FEO's belief is that entrepreneurs learn the most from each other and so our peer-to-peer model is most effective.

How will Unleashing help you and your business?

David Hall, owner of Beverley Park Homes and FEO Director comments

There is no doubt that my candidate Trudy, through the Unleashing the Entrepreneur process has made a huge difference to my companies. To have someone that I trust 100% by my side has been and will always be one of the most important aspects to me. I have gained an awful lot through the FEO over the years and now to see a key member of the team also benefiting is amazing.

FEO was always something that I went off to do on my own, this was fine for my personal development but when it comes to the support required to implement this level of structure in a growing business then Unleashing the Entrepreneur Program could not have come along at a better time. Hope this way of thinking can be expanded on by FEO over the coming years.

Do I qualify?

Yes, provided you


Employ a team of at least 8 people in a private sector business


Are based in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire


Have an appetite to grow your business over the next 5 years


Can identify and empower an ambitious ‘intrepreneur’ within your business to undertake and complete a specific project


Can free up time and give authority for your chosen candidate to attend to all 4 session dates and to undertake their follow up “homework” tasks


Can support your chosen candidate at the opening and closing session dates and provide ongoing support when needed

What is the time commitment from my Intrepreneur?

There are 4 sessions which run on a monthly basis from 9.30am until 11.30am. Dates will be set well in advance. There is also project work in between sessions and we recommend at least one day per week to be set aside for this.

How do I apply?

If you are a business owner and would like to express an interest in putting a candidate forward to take part in the next Unleashing the Entrepreneur Programme, then please leave some details via the link below.

Please note that you will need to grant your chosen candidate the time to undertake the project and the authority to make decisions and act upon them

Do you want to join the next Unleashing programme?

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