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In joining For Entrepreneurs Only (FEO), you will become part of a unique, vibrant group of like-minded entrepreneurs whose aim is to help anyone who is starting up or running a business in Hull & East Yorkshire. We believe that focusing on creating wealth and jobs in the private sector will result in a buoyant local economy.

Our members are positive role models. We educate, motivate, inspire and learn from each other. So when you join FEO, you’ll have the knowledge and experience of fellow entrepreneurs available to you whenever you need it.

Also, as an FEO member, you need to be willing to share your experience and knowledge with others as we work towards helping to create a private sector renaissance in Hull and East Yorkshire.

What are the benefits of being an FEO member?

  • -A calendar of exclusive Member only events including inspirational speakers, workshops, focus meetings and socials
  • -Spending time with and learning from a group of like-minded successful peers
  • -Making a positive contribution to growing the local economy
  • -Sharing entrepreneurial energy, ideas and inspiration to solve problems and help the private-sector succeed
  • -Joining an FEO special interest Sub Group. These include NxGen, ignition, 360 and Step Change
  • -121 mentoring partnerships and Peer Groups

Do I qualify for membership of FEO?

FEO is not a business to business or corporate networking organisation. Our Membership criteria is based on:

  • -You employ / contract people in Hull and East Yorkshire (creating jobs)
  • -You have taken financial risks to set up or grow a private sector business (creating wealth)
  • -You are willing to help others to succeed (give something back)
  • -You want to learn from an inspiring and positive group of like - minded peers
  • -You do not intend to use FEO to pitch your products or services

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