FEO Who dares wins - with special guest Jason Fox

I first came across Mr Jason Fox when I watched the TV series SAS Who Dares Wins

In Business Great Leadership and building capable teams is vital in getting stuff done

I personally have had some successes and several disasters getting people to work together as a team

Sir Alex Ferguson built several great winning teams at Manchester United - his successors have been unable to do so

Appointing people and attempting to get them to work together is a science and skill, and something our Special Forces seem to do rather well

Hollywood movies portray US special forces teams as groups of muscle bound gym buddies, however In the UK Jason and his colleagues describe themselves as Thinking Soldiers – think about that – empowered individuals working as a team. What could that mean for your business?.

Appearing strong doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a great leader or a team player have empathy be engaging or be someone who can contribute to achieve an objective – getting stuff done. The Egotists and the pre-Madonnas are probably the last types you want in your mix

So - I thought….. can we in business in Hull and East Yorkshire learn from Jason’s world

A world much different to ours but with the same end achieving goals and getting stuff done

So I was delighted when Jason agreed to come to Hull to talk to a full house of FEO members today, 29th November 2018 at the KCOM stadium.

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