Unlocking the Potential of my Business with FEO's Step Change

The FEO Step Change is helping me to unlock the potential within my business and within myself as an entrepreneur. Learning new tools to take my business to the next level has provided me with the confidence to look at my business with a new perspective. In doing so I have been able to pick it apart and let go of the components which were preventing organic growth. As a result, we now have a culture by design, a firm mission, vision and value statement and a clearer idea of each areas of the business upon which to focus in order to achieve our goals. The support freely given by the group leaders and fellow Step Change comrades was refreshing and surprising and I believe my contributions were of similar value; despite having very different businesses and backgrounds.

I joined Step Change while my business was going through a period of change and committing to the programme wasn’t easy, but if you really want to improve, having a few growing pains along the way is well worth the reward! I hoped the programme would help me find solid ground from which to re-launch my business. My experience exceeded my expectations and it is my firm intention to continue to evolve, grow and create more wealth and jobs in the region. Thank you Jan for introducing me to FEO and The Step Change programme. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!

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