The Evolution of an Entrepreneur

I am part of a group of members from For Entrepreneurs Only (FEO), working together to prepare for another blockbuster event at The Business Day on Friday 8 June, at Bridlington Spa.

Following on from the fantastic buzz created at last year’s event, 650 tickets have completely sold out and as a main sponsor of The Business Day, FEO will offer guests an experience only WE can deliver, through a series of breakout sessions in the Gallery Suite.

Our theme this year is ‘The Evolution of an Entrepreneur’ and sessions throughout the day include:

  1. Firstly, early bird delegates can join us for a networking breakfast, introduction to FEO and the schedule of events.
  2. Is Blood Thicker Than Water? - led by Andrew Horncastle from Horncastle Group - with a large concentration of family run businesses in Hull, this session asks, is a family business a golden opportunity or a poisoned challis and how do you overcome the biggest challenges within a family business, whilst maintaining enthusiasm, drive and sanity?
  3. Phil Benson from Xing Health leads The Disruptive Generation. This session will focus on ‘Disruption’ - the buzzword having an impact on the business world, how will it affect corporations, councils, innovators and entrepreneurs in our region and around the world.
  4. Expect the Unexpected is led by James Ash who promises a fast-paced quiz show style session, focusing on the dramas, catastrophes and disasters in business and how entrepreneurs come out at the other end with a smile on their face and a lesson learned.
  5. Finally, David Kilburn from MKM Building Supplies is running ‘A Problem Shared’. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place, especially when times are tough, but this session will show that peer support, encouragement and mentoring is freely available and a must for any business owner who wants to succeed.

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