Staying calm in crisis


I’m an ex-Police Officer turned business woman, and I own Hot Yoga Hull Ltd which was created to help people find space in their life, and to show people how to become stronger both physically and mentally. A tremendous aspect of what we do also shows us all how to deal with challenge during and after life’s challenges and how to be proactive enough to make positive changes for when life’s challenges come – and they mostly always do!

I am also as stressed as most from working every hour god sends (especially stressed if I don’t get time to practice Hot Yoga!) and, while I am concerned at what the future holds (after putting my life into my business like most of us have), I’m lucky enough to know how not to worry because my practice in the Hot Room has prepared me for this kind of challenge. Worrying will make me stressed, the stress will make me irritable, not good to be around, it will most likely make me ill and then I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Alternatively, I do what I’ve been trained to do best. I can HIT PAUSE and take this time to make my mind healthy and resilient rather than fatigued through useless thoughts, worry, stress and anxiety. So I want to show you a really simple way to help deal with this challenging time. You already have the tools to do this, it wont take long and its free. The only thing is you should do it most days because like most things with repetition we can change muscle memory…..


All of the things busy people struggle with. I But I still heard it yesterday – “I’m a busy mum and don’t have time for self-care.” We are trained to push, strive and continue through no matter what. We feel like we’re not achieving when we sit still in silence and, simplicity – well, what could that ever do for anyone?…..what we are missing is that these things are necessary to create some space inside our brain – our mind, so that we can use it well. we only need to spend a couple of minutes every morning when we wake up. This type of ‘self-care’ is of the mind – this ‘self-care in crisis is to work on our ‘Mind Set’. Just understand that we don’t always get what we want, you might want to go to the gym, for a long run, to sit and drink wine, but you either cant have that right now or its not going to help – what I have is exactly what you need. Right now whether you like it or not.


They will not change the situation, if anything worry and stress leads to anxiety and can make things much worse. They reduce your immune systems capabilities and make you more vulnerable. I have met people in the past on Mindfulness masterclasses who habitually worry. I have been successful in helping them identify what they’re doing and that what they’re doing isn’t helpful. There’s a much better way to use our mind, breath and therefore enhance our life and relationships..

Stress puts your nervous system into ‘fight or flight’ so there is an imbalance because we don’t know how to activate the ‘rest and digest’ side of our nervous system. This has been happening for many many years due to poor posture and poor breathing (desk sitting, car driving, mobile phone using), a fast-paced society, constant achieving, goal driving, striving for more and poor lifestyle choices….and lots of other reasons (divorce, house buying, new job, etc etc etc) and the worst thing is – it happens so gradually we don’t even know. We become de sensitised but when things really do get tough – we struggle to work with challenges and they eventually get to us. There’s lots of other problems with being stressed such as affecting your relationships at home. Your relationship with your kids. Your relationship with co-workers. The sad fact is, we don’t even release were stressed because it’s the norm. Its expected (to a degree) and so our body doesn’t know any different. Until another challenge arises and life throws us a curve ball and we struggle to deal with it. (the straw that breaks the camels back).


What is below is not only vital right now but this is what we should have been putting into practice already. These tools should be used in our busy lives to keep us energetic and inspired each day. These are nourishing habits that will reclaim your vitality and zest for life. This is a catalyst for creating positive changes in simple and sustainable ways. Allow your life to flow smoothly. Slow down, tune in, rebalance and restore. If you struggle with this, then you need it more.

Learn how to Master The Pause and use it to your advantage….

When we pause, we give ourselves time to think and space to breathe, so we can make the best decisions. Each time we pause we take small steps towards rebalancing and reconnecting with who we really are, our dreams and deepest desires. Each pause is a moment that we give ourselves to gently unwind. Learning to switch off and hit the pause button in life is vital. Its like taking a big nourishing breath to find clarity, energy and space. Finding Solitude and silence gives us the ability to shape and adjust our lives. It can highlight our inner strengths.

Solitude gives us space to think, dream, nourish and restore ourselves. So often we over schedule our days and nights and get stuck on a treadmill. We push through, too tired to keep running and too scared to stop. Solitude is about creating some breathing space in the long race of life, allowing room to let life flow. The busier you are, the more important it is to take time out regularly in order to keep your body and mind restored and in their most powerful state.

Solitude con bring some of these high impact benefits.








Preparing for Silence and Solitude is easy.


It doesn’t have to take long but the longer the better. Try first thing in a morning before you do anything else.


To those closest to you. Others should respect you for carving out this time for yourself whether its 30 minutes a day a week or a month.


You can do this while on your daily walk, alone in the bedroom, in the garden.

Here is something you can do to assist in making the most of your time is solitude and silence while walking, sitting, laying down….

We control so much in our life but now we have an opportunity so see if we can just sit with our breath, let it be and observe it without trying to change it, fix it, or interfere with it.

Sit comfortably. Feel your hips on whatever is supporting them. feel them with equal weight, left to right. let your hips feel heavy and from the base of your spine lift upwards to the crown of the head. Release the shoulders by lifting them up halfway then taking them down half way, then all the way down.

Close your eyes.

Feel alert but at ease.

Start to pay attention to the exhales. Are they long or are they short?

Calm or jagged? Do they leave your body in a rush or do you not quite get to the bottom of them? Where does the breath leave your body?

Remember you are not trying to control or fix the exhales, just observe them. Keep paying attention to the exhales.

Now start paying attention to the spaces between the breath. Are they vacuous or short?

Are you rushing to the inhale? Do they seem non existent or spread out over time? Just keep your attention on the spaces between the breath.

Now shift your attention to the inhales, where do they enter the body….at the tips of the nostrils or the top of the lip? are they warm or cool?

Are you grasping for them or do they appear out of nowhere?

Just observe, no need to change anything.

As you interfere less or stop trying to change the natural flow of your breath, the breath will move of its own accord.

Watch the 4 parts of the breath now; the inhale, the space before the exhale, the exhale, and the sweet pause before you inhale again.

Your mind and body will naturally fall into equilibrium as you allow the process to unfold.

….and during this time – all thoughts stop. You were training your mind to perform a task in the absence of thought, making space for good quality thoughts and productivity. You re-set your nervous system and began the process of balancing it out. With regular practice you can perform this kind of mindful breathing while out walking, sitting at your desk and especially when challenging times arise. All you need is your breath, everything else will fall into place.

The act of meditation is like feeding a bird. It requires 3 qualities that we can build. Stillness. Patience and presence. Stillness as the bird first needs to gain trust in you. patience as you wait for the bird to come and land. Presence so you don’t miss the event.

You can also find this and other free guided meditations on our web site. Try them. If you think you’re too busy to meditate then you need it twice as much.

Please feel free to contact me for any advice or tips on dealing with stress or fitness advice. We practice what we preach and are trained to provide Mindfulness Masterclasses, Business packages for your staff, Interactive Live Stream Yoga and Fitness classes for home workers and business rates at the studio for when we open. Invest in your employees, so they invest in you.

Please remember nothing lasts for ever and Challenge brings Change. We can come out of this stronger than we went it.

Warmest regards


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