My Ignition experience... as an FEO member & facilitator

After my second programme as a facilitator at FEOignition …

I feel a little guilty as I often receive thanks for helping out with the delegates at the seven FEO Ignition sessions on Wednesday evenings. So why do I feel guilty? Well I believe that I get just as much out of hearing what the budding entrepreneurs have done, and more importantly what they are going to do, as they do from attending these events.

On top of that, even though I heard most of the speakers in my first session, there were still nuggets of information, inspiration and insight that I must have missed first time around.

Working for yourself can be a lonely occupation and you can see how pleased the delegates are to tell other genuinely interested people about what they are doing. But of course the big bonus is the invaluable information the delegates need to accelerate their ambitions – long may these continue!

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