Marketing - Should you stop during lockdown?

There’s currently a lot of debate on social media about Marketing during the COVID-19 crisis

Let me give you two scenarios.

1) You sit it out, stop all marketing activity and wait and see what happens.

2) You spend your time and budget during this time to:

Improve your marketing collateral, website and user journey

Create valuable content and share it with your customers.

Audit your media spend, digital and conventional. Check historical ROI’s

Continue building your profile and audience on social media

Post regularly on your social channels

Continue communicating with your customers through email, video

Innovate new products or services, what will the new world need from us?

Do all you can to help your customers now we’re all in this together

Prospect potential customers who you have spoken to before to rekindle the conversation.

Devise a marketing strategy for post COVD-19 - what will the World want?

Who’s going to come out the other side stronger?

Pretty obvious really. And this also panned out from the financial crisis of 2007/8 Those who drew the drawbridge up struggled and often failed in the years afterwards. Those who saw it as an opportunity to flex their business did rather well.

The analogy is that we’re in a long tunnel but we can’t quite see the light yet. But it is there. There are those who will wait and then think about what they’ll do once they emerge from the tunnel and those that will be ready to hit the ground running. Don’t be the first.

I appreciate there can never be one size fits all for this. But better be doing something.

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Jonathan Leafe,

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