March Masterclasses

The FEO Education Group have recently delivered March Masterclass days at both East Riding College campuses. First up was the brand new impressive campus on Flemingate in Beverley, where students from Business Studies and Motor Vehicle and Technology attended. The following week we were at the modern Bridlington Campus on St Mary’s walk. At both campuses, a team of FEO members presented topics including Marketing, People, Tax and Finances as well as a brand new session on ATTITUDE where students were given the opportunity to examine their own attitudes to business - β€œis your glass half empty or half full?”

Both days ended in truly entrepreneurial fashion with students of mixed abilities and year groups presenting back to the FEO Judges with business ideas ranging from cocktail bars, child security, gardening and race car sponsorship!

Finally the winning teams and those individuals showing a keen entrepreneurial flair were presented with prizes and certificates to recognise their achievements. However, most rewarding for the FEO members attending was the positivity and energy that came from the students.

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