Inspiring the next generation - with added IMPACT!

I’ve been itching to see how an FEO School Masterclass day flows, hear FEO members’ stories and presentations, and see first hand the impact that they make.

It was also a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs who were presenting, to implement some of the tools and techniques that I shared with them the previous afternoon, in the form of a 90 minute workshop to any member of the education group that could make it.

The focus was all about what it truly takes to engage an audience. I’m a public speaking, presentation and communication skills coach and from experience, most of UK PLC have no clue how they come across every time they open their mouth. Are they even aware? This can end up with an audience feeling numb, unconnected and wanting to go to sleep.

One thing I loved about the FEO members who attended is that they dived right in. The engagement was great. Especially when we got to the second half and the giving 150% exercises. I could see many people really coming out of their shells. It wasn’t just about being loud for loud’s sake. People were really feeling what they were saying. Facial expressions were exploding. The gestures were dynamic. This is exactly what the kids would need the following day for the masterclass I thought. I had a small sigh of relief.

When I wrapped up at the end, it was clear people had their brains stretched a little, in a good way. There was an awareness now of what they could do to improve how they impacted their audience when they spoke. The challenge had been laid down to bring more, give more and feel much more when they spoke. Emotional connection was a clear priority.

I was eager to see the FEO presentations the next day at the school and I was praying the people who had attended the workshop would implement what they’d learnt, even if it was just 1%

And they didn’t disappoint.

The presentations were great. Each entrepreneur delivered it in their own style . It was great to see. The kids had such an inspiring day and were engaged right from the off. They fed off the energy of all the entrepreneurs.

At the end of the day the Students had to deliver their presentations and pitch their ideas to us. Some were absolutely average and a couple of others were brilliant and hilarious. They took on board so much of what had been shared in the morning. It was great to see. I can’t wait to share some of the tools I did with the FEO members with students, to help THEM deliver with real impact. It’s really fired me up to deliver my first presentation at a Masterclass.

If you’re not part of the FEO Education group, I would highly recommend to consider joining. We all have the chance to impact these children’s lives in a big way.

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