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Helping Students Stay Connected with Their Schools and Teachers

Schools across the country and around the world are closed due to the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. Educators are having to find innovative ways of providing some continuation of learning during these difficult times.

At Cloud Design Box, we have been forced to close our Office at Hull’s C4DI. Fortunately, we have been lucky enough to carry on working remotely from home. Using Microsoft Teams, we are in constant contact and have all our regular meetings. We are no strangers to remote work as we already have members of staff working remotely in Wales and Norfolk.

We help schools move to the cloud and support their long-term digital strategy. Our bespoke software integration with Microsoft Office 365 is unique in the world and since the pandemic we have been busier than ever before.

One of the challenges for our business was coping with the huge increase in support due to the number of educators and students using the platform in such a short space of time. We have had to think fast and quickly develop solutions to overcome problems at scale.

We have found it’s really important to help as many people as possible through these difficult times and we have been working around the clock to produce free resources for all schools to use, including a Teacher guide to hosting online lessons and a student/parent guide to getting started with Teams.

Schools have had to work through issues using the new technology, such as safeguarding and best practices. It is a challenging time for schools, but we are impressed with how educators have found intuitive ways of using technology to deliver remote learning.

We will come out this pandemic to a different world and education may change permanently because of this experience. It will be an uncertain future, but we see that information technology will take a leading role in providing communication between educators, students, and parents like never before.

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