I'm still standing - with very special guest David Meade

Having caught the bug for mindreading and mentalism as a teenager, David has been honing his act for over 20 years.

David always guarantees a highly energetic, fun and engaging session. His mindreading and mentalist skills impress and baffle worldwide audiences making his entertainment and keynotes hard to forget

David’s CPD and motivational programmes are designed to build relationships and inspire and enthuse attendees to embrace new cultures and values.

Using a broad approach, attendees will be empowered with a Toolkit that they can use immediately in their role, irrespective of hierarchical level, that can make fundamental changes to how they see the company and their role in it.

FEO Founder Member David Kilburn highly recommends David Meade

‘I can’t recommend highly enough this opportunity to share a session with mentalist David Meade on Wednesday 6th April at the MKM stadium .

David is a remarkable speaker and not to be missed. Look him up and be fascinated by what he’s achieved and what stimulus he might give you and your business.

I promise that you won’t be disappointed – in fact you’ll be bamboozled , entertained and most of all, you’ll be given new insights as to how you might improve your own business .

Reserve your place today and please bring some colleagues with you.

See you there or be square!!!’

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