I have been given a big confidence boost!

I have been wanting to become a massage therapist for a few years, at first I had very little confidence to look into the possibilities of gaining experience of what it is really like to work in the holistic therapy business. As someone who is totally blind, I found it even more difficult to persuade business owners that I was capable of carrying out tasks as long as I had the correct support in place.

After completing my GCSE’S in 2016 I decided to study health and social care at Wilberforce College to give me some experience in massage therapy but even then I was unsure if I had made the right decision. In 2017 I passed the GCSE equivalent BTEC level 2 certificate in health and social care, during which in my spare time I enrolled onto a private aromatherapy course. This course didn’t last long but I found it extremely informative and this was what motivated me to continue learning about the treatment and enrol onto the practitioner course to complete in my own time alongside my health and social care course at college.

In 2017 I passed my Level 2 health and social care and decided to continue at college to complete the Level 3 diploma in health and social care.The course required me to undertake 3 placements one of which was an admin placement and proved unsuccessful, the 2nd at at Sight Support Hull and East Yorkshire (formerly known as Herib) this motivated me to take up blogging as a new hobby, and my 3rd and final placement and this is where I am currently based is at Chiropody and Foot Health with Caroline McCartney. This placement was arranged by my College who contacted a local business organisation For Entrepreneurs Only (FEO.) Caroline McCartney is a Member FEO and her clinic based in Hessle, is a growing thriving business specialising in Chiropody, Foot Health, Remedial Massage, Acupuncture and alternative therapies. Caroline quickly responded to the enquiry from the College and put everything in place including a risk assessment to accommodate me.

Since starting with Caroline’s Company she has given me the opportunity to put my existing knowledge into practice. When I spoke to Caroline on the phone for the very first time we had a detailed conversation about the type of support I would need and the types of tasks I would do. When I asked Caroline how long I would be there she said it was up to me, and my response was that I would like to stay there indefinitely. I have spent a number of weeks now with Caroline and her team, and also various clients with a range of needs, and I have never looked back. I have been offered the support I need as opposed to assumptions being made about what I am likely to need based on my disability.

Caroline is always willing to adapt anything as and when required. I have been given a big confidence boost and I always look forward to every day I spend at Chiropody and Foot Health.

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