Humber Internships to help your business grow

HIP matches the needs of Humber based SMEs with the skills and talent of students and graduates – a match made in the Humber. HIP can help to match ambitious Humber businesses with the best talent in the region. If you’re a small business based in the Humber, and have aspirations to grow, a HIP Intern might be the perfect fit. The HIP team will work alongside you to understand your needs and help identify the right intern. The programme is ran from the University of Hull but it is not limited to, any student with a HU postcode can apply no matter what University they attended.

A subsidised 12-week internship will provide you with access to real talent and the programme can be tailored to meet your needs. The Programme is funded by the European Social Fund and they will provide 40% subsidy towards the cost. They advise that you advertise a competitive salary in reflection to the role however the 40% is at minimum wage.

The process can take an estimate of around 12 weeks before you intern can start, the process includes eligibility and enrolment, a skills productivity consultation so they can match you with the right candidate and then finishes with internship implementation. The more co-operative you are the faster the process can take. After recent studies HIP have found that now is the right time to apply to target students Graduating in May and looking to gain experience or have an intern to permanent role or if you are looking for a summer intern 1st and 2nd year students are also available at this time. They identify the right talent to support you and your business or even for a specific project.

During the process you will receive support from an account handler and your intern will also receive support through a career advisor.

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