How to protect your business from ransomware attacks

Here is a video that covers the early July 2021 ransomware incident which has affected many businesses within our region .—FRqn0

In response we are working with the local authorities to provide free masterclass sessions to help organisations increase their protection.

🕒💣Less than 162hrs ago as I write this ransomware was deployed to its victim’s devices without them knowing it was sitting patiently waiting for 3pm so it could wreak havoc ⏲⏳

And with one billion pieces of malware out there, it’s highly likely that your business will be affected at some point.
It’s scary stuff.

You need to protect your business with more than just antivirus software.

🔒Keeping your data safe and secure requires a combination of:
🚀Specialist software
👨🎓Staff training

And other safety measures, which will differ from business to business, depending on many factors.
While it’s not realistic to protect yourself from 100% of malware attacks (without completely crippling your staff’s ability to do their work freely), you can take the right measures to minimise the risks and be instantly aware when you are under attack

In response to the ransomware attack that has crippled businesses locally, we are running a masterclass series that is being made available for free to local businesses through the Humber Growth Hub #GROWMYSME Assoc. Winning Moves Ltd

The series will cover in-depth

💥Attack Teardown with a timeline
🎯Ransomware-Response Playbook
👨💻15 Ways To Protect Your Business From A Cyber Attack

This series of three masterclasses will teach you how to review and strengthen your cyber-security measures through the application of a series of simple tools and techniques produced by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

More specifically the application of the NCSC tools will help you to:
• find out how resilient you are to Cyber-Attacks;
• practice responses in a safe environment; and
• have a clear and actionable plan to strengthen your organisation.

Workshop 1: Human Fire Wall With Ransomware Simulation
16th July - 12.30 PM - 2.30 PM

Workshop 2: As Safe As Houses & Insider Threat Data Breach Simulation

Workshop 3: 15 Ways To Protect Your Business From A Cyber Attack
30th July - 12.30 PM - 2.30 PM

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