How to achieve business and personal growth

The creation of the ‘I love it here‘ podcast came from a desire to publically vocalise this purpose, but also the opportunity to have a natter to like-minded people. The result is a conversation between a group of people all striving for the same moonshot purpose, but with different ideas on how to achieve it.

By having an open and organic conversation our aim is to inspire other listeners with small nuggets of information that may resonate with them personally. With no underlying agenda other than how each episode links to creating the best opportunities we aim to leave people with something to reflect on, use and talk about.

If this is the most that comes out of the podcast creation, we are happy people and can honestly say “I love it here!”.

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How do you think of achieving business and personal growth?

First of all, you need to think bigger, 10x bigger, rather than incremental change and modest increases. Most businesses and people measure success on modest incremental improvements. However these days with technological improvements and rapidly changing environments and opportunities we need to think 10x bigger.

Technological capability is growing exponentially, however, most of us struggle to think exponentially.

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