Getting Stuff Done!

Thank You to Paul Sewell for hosting and presenting our latest FEO Member’s event ‘Getting Stuff Done!’

When just starting out in business it is so easy to end up being pulled in all directions and be too busy to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I think one of the biggest take - away’s I got from the event was the “Task Matrix” I came back to the office and printed one out, it is so simple yet so effective I now prioritise tasks as they arise and decide where the task falls in the matrix. This really helps me prioritise.

Briefly the task matrix Paul spoke of determines which one of 4 quadrants a task falls into:

(1) Urgent and Important

(2) Important but Not Urgent

(3) Urgent but Not Important

(4) Not Urgent and Not Important

Instead of being busy all the time trying to clear everything myself I now prioritise, then delegate the less important tasks to the lowest level capable of completing the task

(another one of Paul’s words of wisdom) why I didn’t do that before is beyond me, I think I was stuck in the “it’s easier to do it myself” mind-set which as well as being inefficient simply isn’t true.

I am still working on Paul’s “Double Time” (one of Paul’s 4 Time Terms) I’m a man so multi-tasking doesn’t come naturally! I often think getting everything I want to achieve done during the day is a bit like trying to pat your head whilst rubbing your stomach but I am getting there.

Not all of us are natural entrepreneurs, we are good at what we do and look to our peers for help and advice in areas we are not so experienced in. Without FEO and its members I honestly don’t know where I would turn to, where else could I get help and practical advice from such a diverse business community - “warts and all” help which only comes through experience.

It may sound a bit cheesy but my goal for the business is that I want the very best for my customers and employees and I actually feel like I am getting there, as long as there are events of this quality being organised with such experienced people passing on their knowledge and experience you can expect to see me at every event. In fact I hear David Hall is next so book me on for that one I will get a case of Red Bull in the night before so I can keep up.

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