FEOignition Programme

FEOignition is a free fast-track programme for new start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to develop a business idea. Delivered weekly over 5 early evening sessions, we examine the risks and rewards of self-employment and help budding entrepreneurs to break down the barriers to success.

What makes the programme different?

• The opportunity to learn from the real life experiences of FEO members

• Spending time with like-minded budding and established entrepreneurs

• Access to invaluable hints and tips from experienced business owners

• A range of FEO toolkits that enable entrepreneurs to develop themselves and their business

• FEO buddying opportunity offering ongoing support through the initial steps of business startup

So far 133 budding entrepreneurs have completed FEOignition and 80% of them are still up and running.

Here are some testimonials from 2014 FEOignition delegates:

“It was amazing, I learnt more in one session than I have in the past 3 years! It felt good to be able to stretch my brain a little and learn more!”

“The FEOignition programme provides focus and fuel. It has made me ask the right questions and given me the impetus to act. If all startups had this support I can’t imagine how any would fail.”

“I now feel truly inspired, motivated, more confident and better equipped to turn my idea into reality thanks to the FEO team.”

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