After such a challenging year for many the year 7s at South Hunsley School had missed out on a lot of their education.

Due to restrictions most of the day had to be delivered remotely by our Lead Angela Oldroyd via teams from another classroom but our FEO Member volunteers weren’t far to help each class with the preparation of their presentations.

After some Teams technical issues Dan Gladstone pulled through and was first up to talk to the year 7s about attitude.

Following on from this the class included further talks from Milly Rose and Mark Titcombe.

The students were eager to make notes and implement their learnings to their business ideas, it looked like the the fact that we had streamed all four talks did not effect the students motivation and creativity!

Kyle Macdonald from South Hunsley school said The student voice and feedback was really positive about the sessions, and speaking with them (popping in and out of lesson) they were learning a lot from the various important topics which you covered.

I was really pleased to catch up with your members at the end of the day, and to hear that they also enjoyed the day too.

Please pass on my thanks to your volunteers for putting on a great day for our students, despite the many challenges and barriers we faced in planning and implementing during a pandemic.

I appreciate that each of you will have taken time out from your usual day, away from business’ and work, in order to deliver these sessions, and to contribute something really valuable today to a year group of 360 students.

Thank you for your impact today’

Special thanks to all FEO Members who attended Angela Oldroyd, Sue Altass, Dan Gladstone, Clare Atkinson, Chris Jacobsen, David Hall, Danny Johnson, Mark Titcombe and Milly Rose.

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