FEO Members Meeting Packs a Real Punch!

Our first new-style Members Meeting gave us an opportunity to have a look at the right hand side of the brain of Sewell Group via the Sewell Studio at Geneva Way - a place of engagement and the home of FEO Ignition.

It proved fun to surprise members with an intimate interview of our latest recruit in boxer/entrepreneur Tommy Coyle who was in conversation with me about our similar upbringing and stories from the fruit trade and sport in Hull. It was appropriate too that the Chatham House rule applied!

Tommy was duly accepted as our latest member, but only after the initiation of facing volunteers Phil Benson and Matt Dass in the ring at the Tommy Coyle Academy on site next door.

Key messages that FEO members took away as food for thought included:-

• Mike Tyson advising Tommy “It’s not smart to be tough but it’s tough to be smart”!

• Entrepreneurial “nouse” is as good as qualifications in the business world.

• Entrepreneurs often have early failure in their lives which maybe changes their attitude to it and gives them an “I’ll show you” attitude.

• You become who you hang around with - so best hang out with winners!

• Pay & reward on results, not just face time.

• Businesses exist to generate £cash so don’t be fooled by accounts, spread sheets & projections.

• Pick up the phone to whoever is calling - avoiding stuff just increases stress & affects brand.

• Pay your bills on time if not early! - it’s your reputation which is in turn your brand.

• Do good things and good things happen - Giving back creates a fund of goodwill which all businesses need at some time.

• A critical move in any negotiation may be a move away - the deals you don’t do define success as well as the ones you do.

• Business is about relationships and your customers will remember how you made them feel long after they have forgotten about the transaction.

• What are you famous for? - businesses need to be able to answer the question. In Tommy’s case it’s ‘Strawberries’ - as well as IBF international boxing champion.

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