FEO making a difference!

With our 10th Birthday approaching in June and amid the chaos of the CO-VID19 epidemic, lets reflect on what FEO has achieved over the last 5 years.

Thanks and appreciation goes to all members and key partners who have given their time, resources and experience to help entrepreneurs start, adapt and grow.

Summary of what we have achieved together so far

  • We have inspired 2500 local young people about real-life business and entrepreneurship
  • We have taken over 400 start-up entrepreneurs through our ignition programme
  • Through our 360, 360+ and Step Change programmes, we have enabled 350 entrepreneurs to improve their entrepreneurial skills and mindset and make a step change within their business, creating jobs and boosting the local economy.
  • We have created opportunities for 60,000 business owners to develop themselves and their business through regular inspiration and extra capability though mentoring partnerships, FEO Toolkits, and events including The Business Day and digital initiatives such as FEOTV
  • We have identified and helped to remove significant barriers to business growth, focusing on people, finance, strategy, sales, systems, people and change
  • We have built an effective and sustainable stakeholder organisation that continues to deliver the FEO mission. ‘Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs to start, adapt and grow’

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