Develop yourself for business success

Run over 6 fortnightly sessions, the FEO360 programme is peer-led and designed to enhance SME owners’ personal skills and attitudes as well as the performance of their businesses.

The course is FREE and provides an excellent opportunity to spend time with like-minded Small Business owners, over six fortnightly sessions, each lasting half a day.

FEO360 is based around real life experiences and invaluable tips from leading local business owners, all presented in a refreshingly unique way

We believe that Entrepreneurs learn the most from each other, therefore our peer to peer model is most effective. By signing up for the FEO360 course, everyone agrees to a mutually respectful code regarding confidentiality.

To express an interest in our 2021 360 programme, please leave your details via the link below and we will be in touch when dates have been confirmed.

(Please note that the programme may be a hybrid of in person/digital meetings, depending on COVID-19 compliance in 2021)

What past 360 Delegates say about the programme:

  • I’ve taken away a lot of lessons about accountability in business and that being a successful entrepreneur depends on a combination of hard and soft skills
  • I feel much more con­tent about tackling the fi­nancial aspects within my business - an area which has now been moved towards the top of my priorities list.
  • I have improved my presentation skills and my mindset has become more focussed on achieving targeted goals.
  • It changed many difficult aspects of our business, mostly in mindset and setting goals
  • The presenters and speakers were really good with tips and guidance here and there were great.
  • Gave me an opportunity to look at myself and my business and compare to others
  • I am becoming much more focused and organised already - 360 has reignited my focused passion for business
  • I found the programme very useful because of the sequence it followed -freeing up time, ultimately leading to space to develop sales.
  • The key for me is that the people deliver the programme are experienced, successful entrepreneurs. Learning from their experience has been invaluable
  • The programme had some useful and very honest advice, some of which we have used and implemented in the business. Finance skills were very useful.
  • Challenging through the group through presenting I thought was very impactful
  • The support and peer to peer learning was invaluable
  • The best bits – being around similar people, the structured approach, the pressure and the inspiration!

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