Catching up on Corona Virus

A great friend of mine Hazel Barton is a leading microbiologist .

She is a caver and has been on a number of expeditions with me.

Although she is British from Bristol she now lives and works in the US.

I was skyping with her a couple of days ago when she told me about a lecture she had just given on Coronavirus.

My wife and I watched it last night and as a ley persons guide to the current situation and thought it very good.

Some of our entrepreneurs might be interested – the link to the lecture is below

A short introduction to viruses, virology, and what the coronavirus is, and a discussion about where we think the virus comes from, how it causes disease, and where we are in dealing with it. Think of this as a short virology course for someone with no background in biology. Presented by Dr. Hazel Barton, a professor of biology and geology and has been teaching medical microbiology. She has served for 6 years on the Public and Scientific Affairs Board for the American Society of Microbiology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology.

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