Autumn Ignition - we have lift off!

The Sewell Studio in East Hull provided an inspirational venue for our 40 start up delegates and 15 supporting FEO members!

Everyone arrived ready and raring to go and enjoyed meeting each other and networking over coffee and biscuits before the session, hosted by Antony Eltherington.

Antony who leads the FEOignition group welcomed everyone and presented an overview of the ignition programme and what is to be expected over forthcoming sessions!

An interactive getting to know you activity helped everyone familiarise themselves with each other and their businesses, which include a wide range of products and services from Interior Designers to Dog Groomers. The energy and the buzz in the room was fantastic for all involved.

FEO Founder Member Paul Sewell then took to the stage to tell his business story and prepare the delegates on their business journeys finishing with an thought provoking poem which captured everyone’s attention.

Past ignition delegates then motivated everyone to get involved and go for it - thank you to Kat Middleton, Beth Allen of Dogs Playpark, Anna Lamb of Nibble and Chris Whitelock of Pure Renewables.

The following session “What’s the Big Idea” was hosted by FEO Members Jonathan Elvidge and David Hall which set the delegates up well for the further 5 more in the programme.

If you know anyone who missed out this time- we are now recruiting for Spring 2017

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