April's Featured Toolkit

A series of tried and tested FEO Toolkits are available to download from the FEO website and were developed by FEO Founder member David Hall to help entrepreneurs. They provide a proven process to help you solve your business problems and to create superior opportunities.

They are based on how entrepreneurs think and behave in the real world and are designed BY entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs.

In order to get the best out of them, just follow these simple guidelines:

1. Follow the steps or actions in the toolkits and do not skip any steps.
2. Get the facts when requested, don’t just guess.
3. Be persistent until you get the result you want

How to Pick the right people


A recent London Business School survey of business owners showed that the major factor that contributes to the success of their businesses was: ‘Selecting the right people with good attitudes who are loyal to the company and who want to excel in their careers.’

This toolkit will help you to

  • Avoid expensive mistakes and, even worse, mediocrity.
  • Reduce turnover in your team.
  • Create a team that enjoys working together.

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