An inspiration to us all..

An inspiration to us all - David Kilburn takes us on an inspirational journey at the first FEO Members meeting of 2017.

It was a great privilege for FEO members to listen to David Kilburn, the founder of both MKM building supplies and For Entrepreneurs Only. It’s a very rare talent for someone to be able to simply talk to a small audience and yet keep them captured for almost 2 hours, with no distracting powerpoint slides. Yet David did that with an effortless ability, I think what is most inspiring in his approach to business and of course the resulting success, is that by actually releasing and letting go of some of the control in a business, you can actually gain more control. David explained how he empowers and rewards his staff from top to bottom, creating an environment that drives the business forward. So much more effective than trying to cling to the control in every decision that is made within a business. Another leaf we should all take out of David’s book is not taking work home with us, if it can’t be done at work then something is fundamentally wrong, and who on earth really enjoys doing homework anyway!!

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