A night of true inspiration

The latest FEO members meeting took place at Member, Gary Gallen’s rradar HQ and was night of true inspiration, uncovering real world-class innovation right here in Hull. Gary’s talk took us through his career as a lawyer in various roles, from helping the state to prosecute people who’d broken the law, helping people in trouble when they’re first arrested as an on-call duty solicitor, and through to working for a large commercial law firm helping blue chip companies get out of trouble when they’d got on the wrong side of the authorities. Through these experiences Gary gained a wealth of industry experience.

Gary also came to realise that a focus on prevention, rather than a costly cure, had to be better for the client, despite being less lucrative for the lawyers, and that there may be a better way to do things.

Gary and his company are on the path to creating a much better way. Though it seems to me that he’s speeding down a motorway rather than meandering along a windy footpath. His focus, drive and skills are something to behold. He knows where rradar’s going and it’s full steam ahead!

rradar breathes innovation. Not only in the way the lawyers operate, but the technology team at rradar make up around 35% of the workforce. They use artificial intelligence to answer questions (Grace) and the manner in which Gary got the first round of funding was also very innovative.

With such a disruptive business model compared to “normal” solicitors, Gary was acutely aware that his ideas might not be welcome in conventional places. So rradar teamed up with AXA insurance to get funding (not that it was easy). Insurance companies have vested interest in finding ways of reducing their costs when something goes wrong and a client makes a claim. rradar’s business model aligns with that of insurance companies, so being partners with AXA was a potential win-win for both organisations.

It’s not only the business model that’s exciting, their new offices are awesome too. A fantastic working environment for all the staff - from a table tennis & pool table downstairs, inspirational quotes and Banksy prints on the walls to sensory rooms for people to concentrate (or relax) when they need a clear head. It really is an brilliant working environment.

Gary humbly joked about comparing San Fransisco’s Bridge with our Humber Bridge and how rradar are disrupting things that Silicon Valley is famous for!

One particular quote stood out to me, as it was a common thread of Gary’s talk too:

“Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking.” - Henry Ford.

With the recent troubles that have been following some large multi-national companies around, perhaps they should take a leaf out of rradar’s book and get this painted on their walls.

Disruption with morals. That’s what’s going on in Hull.

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