An inspirational morning with Sir John Jones

Many business owners feel that young people are still coming into the working environment ill equipped – whether it be attitude, skills, or knowledge. But whose fault is it? As parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, mentors and employers, what do we need to do differently to get the best out of our young people. After all, the local economy will soon be in their hands. In a truly inspirational presentation, Sir John shared the three clear imperatives that he sees as critical – political will, the embrace of change and the development of growth mindsets. ‘We live in a rapidly changing world. A world in which, statisticians claim, 80% of the jobs our children will do have not yet been invented. In order to thrive and succeed in such times global thinkers such as DAVOS (World Economic Forum think tank), economists like Thomas Friedman (‘The World is Flat’), The CEOs of companies such as IBM and Google appear to agree that we are all going to need five key capabilities; creativity, ingenuity, agility, adaptability and sociability
Feedback from FEO members was 100% positive. ‘That was a brilliant morning , what a great speaker ,humorous and inspirational ‘You can see a video recap of the event via the link below


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