FEO Members Workshop - How to create more profitable sales

I was excited about attending my first FEO members meeting – I had heard good things, and wanted to check it out for myself!

Held at The One Point, the main part of this session was all about ‘How to Create More Profitable Sales.’ Aside from some great speakers, I appreciated the genuine ‘warts and all’ approach taken by members to sharing experiences, ideas and challenges on a range of topics. I learned a lot, and a few key ‘words of wisdom’ I particularly liked were:

  • The importance of focusing on ‘priority products.’
  • The need to clearly define your market – one organisation recommended ‘becoming a celebrity on your own doorstep, before reaching for the world.’
  • Targets are not necessarily helpful – one speaker mentioned that by removing a staff members’ sales target, they then succeeded in exceeding it.
  • The value of ‘sign – posters’; for example, having respected people who can recommend you is likely to ‘carry more weight’ than us ‘blowing our own trumpets.’
  • ‘Network like crazy:’ one speaker said that in the early days with the business, he’d sought to attend every networking event and ‘would have attended the opening of an envelope!’

I am very much looking forward to my next key engagement with FEO, which involves presenting a session on Business Day 2018 at Bridlington Spa. The session is about family businesses and is labelled ‘Is blood thicker than water?’ Our session will be led by Andrew Horncastle, Chairman of Horncastle Group Plc and my input will focus on succession planning; telling my story of succession with my father. I look forward to getting to know members better at this event and beyond…

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