Our Toolkits

The following Toolkits were developed by FEO Founder member David Hall to help entrepreneurs.

They provide a proven process to help you solve your business problems and to create superior opportunities. They are based on how entrepreneurs think and behave in the real world and are designed BY entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs like you.

In order to get the best out of our toolkits, just follow these simple guidelines:

  • -Follow the steps or actions in the toolkits and do not skip any steps
  • -Get the facts when requested, don’t just guess
  • -Be persistent until you get the result you want

Good luck in using the toolkits, if you need help finding a resource to address your problem please contact us and we can steer you in the right direction.

Social Media Toolkit

Social media is a collection of websites and applications…

3 min

Thinking of Starting a Business

Many people dream of working for themselves, being…

1 hour

Toolkit 1: How To Achieve Your Personal Goals

This is a very personal toolkit – it’s about you and your…

8 min

Toolkit 2 : Developing Your Business Skills

Develop the Managers and the business develops is a truism…

8 min

Toolkit 3 : Developing Your Personal Qualities

The ‘Developing your business skills’ toolkit focused upon…

7 min

Toolkit 5 : Providing Leadership

The purpose of this toolkit is to help leaders to inspire…

6 min

Toolkit 6 : Tools For Prioritising and Focusing

In an increasing competitive and busy business world, it’s…

5 min

Toolkit 7 : Working on the Business

This toolkit is important because it is a generic one that…

8 min

Toolkit 8 : Creating A Vision

A vision is the picture of where you want your business to…

8 min

Toolkit 11 : Picking the Right People

A recent London Business School survey of CEOs showed that…

9 min

Toolkit 16 : Conducting Customer Perception Survey

Successful businesses take the pulse of how well they are…

9 min

Toolkit 17 : Removing Obstacles Customers Face Buying From You

Customers buy because they either want to resolve a…

6 min

Toolkit 18 : Getting Customer Service Right

It is well established that customers are five times more…

13 min

Toolkit 19 : Build Your Business by Delighting Customers

Delighting customers means doing that bit extra for…

9 min

Toolkit 24 : Developing A Superior Product or Service

One of the key ways of building stronger partnerships with…

11 min

Toolkit 26 : Making Work Fun and Enjoyable

There seems to be a correlation between businesses where…

7 min

Toolkit 34 : Building a Business Generating System

Most people manage sales by looking at the results they…

6 min

Toolkit 36 : Investing in Yourself

Most of us qualify in our technical skills and some of us…

4 min

Toolkit 38 : How to use the Runner to significantly reduce costs, improve cash flow and boost profitability.

The Runner is a key role that was created to help…

3 min

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