Christina Colmer McHugh



Christina Colmer McHugh - Cofounder and Director of Moodbeam Christina’s focus has always been on communication, connecting people and creating content people want to read. As a qualified journalist, the last 20 years have seen her build up an enviable network, both inside and outside the media industry. She includes in that time 15 years’ experience specialising in public relations in both B2B and B2C sectors, as well as supporting communications in government at both local and national levels. Christina now co-leads an exciting health tech brand after inventing a user led device that logs and tracks moods, creating real time, accurate visualised data for at-a-glance emotional awareness. It has pivoted in 2020 to include support to organisations who want to gauge the morale, wellbeing and productivity of their teams, in real time. Based in the UK, Moodbeam, which she co-founded with a friend and seasoned entrepreneur, has given a heartbeat to something that started as an idea in the head of an anxious working mum who simply wanted to know how her child was feeling when she wasn’t with her. Fast forward 4 years and its getting conversations started within working families and keeping them connected from afar. 

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