John Cant


Rising Sun Commerce

My first foray into starting a business came in 2012 when I created an on-line market-place for the local grocery shops of Beverley, called Marumarket. The idea was to help independent grocery businesses work with each other and offer customers a convenient independent alternative to the supermarket’s home delivery service. Despite a very bright start, the future wasn’t quite as rosy. It didn’t work as I hoped and I closed it down after 18 months having learned many invaluable lessons.

Despite this “failure” I couldn’t go back to getting a normal job and started-up again.

I now run another e-commerce related business but far less local. Rising Sun Commerce started in 2016 by selling our own products on Amazon Japan and has since morphed into helping other brands sell their products online in Japan too.

Working with a wide range of businesses from micro to multinational household names, our vision is to be the place to come for any western brand wanting to sell online in Japan.

WIth 60% of our sales coming from overseas it still amazes me that a small team in East Yorkshire can help a US household brand to sell their products in Japan. The business is growing steadily and we currently have a team of 5.

My main business experience includes:

  • Starting-up a business
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales

My involvement with FEO goes back to being a delegate on the ignition programme when I’d just set-up my grocery delivery service. I’m now on the other side of the fence and help to deliver the ignition programme to new start-ups.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch -

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