Gary Gallen



Gary started work as a Scunthorpe-based solicitor. Within a year, he had formed a new criminal department at the firm and became an equity partner. It wasn’t long before his reputation led to him being head-hunted by a major international law firm. From there, he became one of the top criminal and regulatory solicitors in the country. However, Gary was dissatisfied with what he was doing; he was convinced that there was a better way to deliver legal services for people and business.

Taking an immense risk, he left work and set up rradar in his conservatory, aiming to help people run their businesses and organisations more successfully every day, giving them the education, resources and help they needed not just to deal with problems once they had happened, but to stop them happening in the first place.

Rradar’s service has its roots in Gary’s own experience. During his years as a lawyer, he was able to rescue clients when they had encountered problems with enforcement agencies but they repeatedly asked for advice on how to ensure that they would not have to go through such an experience again.

Gary’s initiatives included training and risk management programmes, e-learning, webinars, telephone advice lines and an online resource of articles, templates and guidance, as well as designing artificial intelligence/machine learning and virtual reality training tools.

Gary has recruited several key personnel himself, piloted several of the company’s most innovative projects and forged partnerships with insurance brokers and companies around the world, including the world’s biggest insurer. This has led to the creation of a major new insurance product in which Gary has had a significant input and has meant a huge increase in business over the past two years or so.

This experience of working for start-ups, small, medium and large businesses, advising shareholders, founders and directors along with fund raising, buyouts, recruitment and scaling a business are skills available to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs and colleagues.

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