Sylwester Raczynski

Sylwester Raczynski

Owner and Founder - iHelios

Sylwester Raczynski of multiple Eco driven companies.

Sbr Refurbishment Ltd is a company helping landlords and property developers achieve their dreams

Also founder of iHelios Limited Manufacturing and selling infrared heating system.

Created to help everyone to save energy and be more Eco. IHelios heating system is invisible maintenance free and fully controled by our own app and in future landlord platform

That wasn’t enough for me as heating need control, so created Living Reinvented Ltd and devices as thermostat with eco function, windows opening sensor, schedule and boost function.

As addition added devices as locks, light switches, sensors, cameras all working with one free app . App was created to connect unlimited devices fully control whole house. Unlimited scenes and automation which help save energy. Also Eco friendly function help save and control energy bills.

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