Ricky Newton

Ricky Newton

Co-Founder - Working for Health CIC

Ricky is involved in 3 businesses in varying industries, here is what you need to know:

1. Ricky’s passion for making a difference and tireless work ethic is award winning.

He recently won an UnLtd Award for people who are passionate about a problem in our society and have the solution to tack it and entrepreneurial attitude to make it happen. He aspires to play a role in sharing his journey and knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs in Hull and East Riding.

2. He won’t waste your time and money with infuriating ‘business jargon’

Ricky and his brother Warren began their family business Warwick Brothers in 2013. Working in construction, together they have worked tirelessly to provide clients with an affordable service that is top quality. His refreshing and down to earth approach has won over many clients and he is often personally recommended.

3. 15 years ago he embarked on his mission to inspire and show people that they can live a life of purpose, fulfilment, health and success.

Ricky understands that both employees and employers affected by mental health often need support, guidance and advice. He specialises in mental health, employment and recovery for both the public and private sector. He created The Blue Approach Ltd in 2016 that specialises in providing the support employers need to increase psychological wellbeing in the workplace. His company equips businesses and HR teams with the skills and knowledge they need to better manage the mental health of their employees.

4. He believes everyone has the skills and talents to work, if the work is right for them.

After working with employers to provide better mental health support, Ricky together along with co-founder Diane Heaven he set up a Community Interest company that specialises in employment for people affected by mental health issues. Working for Health CIC provides employment support using recovery theories for people who face many barriers finding or sustaining work. Clients often continue to be involved with Working for Health after gaining employment or entering education in order to “give back” in the way of peer mentoring or volunteering.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch:


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