Phil Ward

Phil Ward

Director - Kaizen Consulting

Leaving Hull for the bright lights of London in the mid 80’s for a career in Banking Phil’s entrepreneurial spirit got the better of him and he returned to Hull in the early 90’s and established a retail business which grew with outlets in Hull, Scunthorpe and Thorne. Knowing when to exit a business is a lesson Phil learnt when selling up 10 years ago.

Phil’s desire to help others took him into a business advisory role where he was quickly able to empathise with both new and established business owners helping them through the ups and downs of owning and developing their business. Innovation, confidence, conviction, passion and unquestioning belief in what you are doing are essential for success in business; adding an impartial ‘outside pair of eyes’ provides a distinct advantage for a business owner.

Today Phil is a shareholding Director at Kaizen Consulting providing integrated business solutions to SME’s throughout the region. He continues to share his passion for helping others and bringing his in-depth knowledge of business support funding to businesses of all sizes.

“You have to have the conviction and belief in what you are doing in order to be successful, and the business acumen to ensure you stay successful!” - James Caan

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