Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

CEO & Founder - Visibility Associates Group

Neil is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference. He is the CEO and Founder of Carbon Visibility. Carbon Visibility enables businesses to outsource complexity in their carbon reduction strategies, providing compliance with UK government carbon reporting regulations. We make reporting simple but powerful.

Neil has, like many entrepreneurs, experienced the highs and lows of owning businesses but believes in learning from mistakes, having a positive mental attitude and making things happen.

Over the years he has developed a varied portfolio of businesses across consultancies, hairdressers and property, and possesses a wealth of experience in leadership roles and consultancy within some of the largest construction, engineering and utility companies in the UK. He is now enjoying the challenge of establishing and growing new ventures, starting with the Visibility Associates group of companies, with aspirations to bring about change in areas such as carbon, supply chain ethics and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Neil has set up a not-for-profit charity, fundZero, which provides grants to organisations and charities with the main objective of making a positive change, improving and protecting the environment. fundZero also delivers projects in the community in conjunction with Carbon Visibility partners.

Neil joined FEO as he is keen to inspire school pupils who may not be destined for academic success and to help them to understand that there are other routes to career success.

Together we can make a difference.

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