Mark Hutton

Mark Hutton

Director - Carbon Synergy Ltd

After over 12 years experience in industrial and commercial electrical contracting both at home and nationwide, from an apprentice to a contracts manager, Mark decided it was time to set up his own company which would cover all areas Electrical contracting but especially focusing on energy saving technologies and the emerging renewables sector.

Mark knew that for long term stability he had to work hard on a number of key issues, these were - To earn a good reputation in an industry which was already full of electrical contractors. Mark’s aim was to set out to build and maintain a solid reputation by offering a higher standard of personal customer care and service than was already available.

To invest time and energy into investigating other sectors of the industry which he believed would enable him to be at the forefront of emerging technologies that would shape the future of the Electrical Industry These visions have proved to be the most important assets of the company to date. CaRbOn EleCTriC still benefits from that initial concept and continues to pride itself on the same principles.

Along the way Mark has learnt the hard way; starting a business just before a recession is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep the business going whilst in a recession. Tough decisions have to be made regularly and it’s not always for the faint hearted.

‘When I found out about For Entrepreneurs Only, I thought it would be good way to introduce myself and learn from like-minded, more experienced members and in return be able to help less experienced members who are just starting out. Whilst I own my own business with up to 12 employees I still don’t feel as if I am anywhere near reaching what I initially set out to achieve; this drives me to carry on and build a sustainable business which I hope will be as successful as some of the other members of FEO.

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