Luc Clayton

Luc Clayton

Owner - Clay10 Creative

Luc formed Clay10 Creative to disrupt the traditional design studio model by focusing on how to differentiate clients from their competition using unique design. Everything created at the Clay10 studio is lovingly crafted from scratch often using beautiful 3D imagery and animation.

Lately Clay10 Creative have been offering their clients highly innovative, interactive tools such as gamified psychometric tests, personalised mobile games and animations as well as immersive VR and AR. Luc’s experience of working in pensions communications and medical advertising has given him a unique perspective on how to engage and excite while delivering complex messaging.

Luc and the Clay10 team can be found working from the Ergo building in Hessle where they are starting to form links within the renewable supply chain.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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