Liz Turpin

Liz Turpin

Director - Turpin Accounting Services

I have been a bookkeeper/accountant for over 30 years, working in small and medium sized businesses. I started my own business after working on a project helping others go through the process of setting up their own business, it gave start-ups and established businesses a business adviser on hand, to help navigate and support them through the processes. I found that I loved helping others and I still work with a number of these people today, helping them to overcome problems, grow their business further and of course get their numbers right. We pride ourselves on building our services around our client’s needs and de-mystifying the accounting process from start to finish, taking clients at whatever level of understanding they have.

I often have conversations with business owners or clients that have set up in business to do what they are amazing at, not to do accounts, or the other ins and outs that are involved in the running of your own company. Business owners start them to do what they are passionate about, and we should be collaborating and making a team around us of other businesses that are passionate in what they do to achieve our dreams, that’s where we come in.

I was involved in the 360 program in 2016 and will be attending the Step Change program in 2020 moving my own business to the next level and sharing the knowledge and my own experiences with other businesses so that we all benefit not only those people in the room.

At a personal level, I love walking, discovering new and interesting places, attending music concerts/gigs. I have a diverse love of music from 1960’s including Beatles, Sandi Shaw and Buddy Holly, through to the more modern, Caravan Palace, Two Door Cinema Club and Sigrid. The radio is always on in the office, my staff just don’t appreciate me singing along!

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