Liam Burke

Liam Burke

Commercial Director - Broadcast Radio

Liam is a co-founder of P Squared Ltd, the UK’s largest developer of specialist software for the broadcast radio industry. Originally founded in 1997, P Squared offers a range of software and hardware solutions to facilitate broadcast radio at all levels of the industry. From large scale commercial radio groups to local community broadcasters, P Squared technology is used in more UK radio organisations than any other software.

Whilst broadcast radio remains core to the business, in 2005 a plan was developed to diversify into additional sectors to reduce dependency on the broadcast industry. Liam was responsible for developing School Radio brand which is now the market leading providing of radio station technology to primary and secondary schools with over 350 installations to date. Education has become a critical part of the business accounting for nearly 50% of revenue in the past 12 months.

As Commercial Director of P Squared, Liam is also responsible for business development and growth and has been instrumental in expansion and diversification into complimentary sectors such as streaming, ‘in store’ radio and international sales.

Liam has recently embarked on a new challenge to develop an innovative ‘in store radio’ product to provide a high quality, fully tailored radio services at a price that makes them accessible to small retail chains or leisure facilities. As with School Radio, the plan is to forge a separate brand that will take advantage of our core technology but open it to a much wider potential market.

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