Karl Douglas

Karl Douglas

Director - Beverley Travel

A varied career, having graduated with a BSc in Business & Finance, qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant whilst working at Smith & Nephew Plc, went on to fulfil various managerial roles in Finance & IT projects, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and General Management over 15 years before leaving to set up a Medical Products distributor and subsequently acquiring a complementary business. 

Decided to follow a long-held ambition to be in the world of travel, purchased a franchise with Not Just Travel in 2017 with the aim of building a long-term career (hobby that pays!) helping people realise their travel dreams, whilst saving time, reducing hassle and stress.

In any business, especially a small business, it is important to be able to Think Strategically, Develop Tactics and Act Operationally. Identifying and tracking performance balanced between filling the pipeline as well as delivering it!

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