Joyce Clappison

Joyce Clappison

Owner - Wats On & The Barn House

Joyce Clappison is a true Entrepreneur and has been involved with a wide variety of businesses for over 50 years. She has been the owner of Wats On Fashion for over 45 years because of her love for the fashion industry. Joyce is also the Director of Folly Farming, Risby Park Fishing and Clappison Properties and property development.

Joyce Clappison has a wide variety of experiences in different sectors. She is involved in a successful wholesale and retail business so she understands how to work with suppliers and finding the best deals to pass on to her customers. She helped raise £2.5 million for the Dove House Hospice, has been involved with property renovation and lettings, has run a hotel/spa/café and has been deeply involved in retail and design for over 4 decades. Joyce has been directly a part of each aspect of running a business and has experienced all of its high’s and its low’s.

Joyce Clappison is passionate about helping young business entrepreneurs to learn what it takes to take their ideas and make them reality. She has years of experience in various industries and knows what it takes from start to finish how to make businesses not only grow but thrive as well.

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