Jacqueline Gunn

Jacqueline Gunn

Founder and CEO - WorkPlace Bereavement Advocacy

Jacqueline Gunn, a Yorkshire farmers daughter, grew up in Huggate on the family farm. Being the daughter of a farmer has ensured she is not afraid of a hard day’s work.

Jacqui started her first business whilst raising two young children. “Baby’s first year” involved capturing precious moments of new families up until baby’s first birthday. At a time when videoing equipment was not readily available, Jacqui would visit different families with her own equipment to capture these moments. This business solidified her passion for helping people.

Jacqui then went on to owning her own cleaning company whilst being a personal trainer, nail technician and barber part time, all alongside being a retained fire fighter.

More recently, after the untimely death of her father, Jacqui set up the Yorkshire based bereavement charity, “Talking About Loss”. Her love of helping people has aided in the popularity of this charity which proudly supports hundreds of bereaved people across Yorkshire, offering them a safe place to help ease the isolation and fear that can surround grief, and help them find their own way through the grieving process.

Having worked in many different business sectors over the years, Jacqui is now focusing her time and energy into her latest business venture, Workplace Bereavement Advocacy (WPBA). This unique training company specialises in bereavement in the workplace to educate employees on the struggles specific to bereavement and how to identify signs of a person in need. All WPBA’s training courses are CPD accredited, including their newest programme “Schools Bereavement Advocacy”, which is designed to help teachers support their bereaved pupils from the ages of 4-18.

In her spare time, Jacqui enjoys training and working her two gun dogs, hacking around the countryside on her horse and spending time with her friends and family. Jacqui is also passionate about health and fitness, being a regular attendee in the gym at 6am!

“As we spend most of our time these days in our place of work, the people around us should be educated to support us in our time of need. The knowledge and support we can provide is priceless and we are committed to making sure everyone receives the support they require. Unfortunately, losing someone close to us, is inevitable.”

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