Graham Cross

Graham Cross

Freight Forwarder / Logistician - LinkedIn

Having spent over 40 years within the Freight Forwarding & Logistics industry, working for both large and small organisations, Graham set up his own Freight Forwarding business in December 2002, starting as a sole trader and with a blank sheet of paper and no promise of any business, just a belief in being able to provide an enhanced customer experience within Freight & Logistics.

In 2016 Graham became involved in securing a warehouse and distribution facility, close to the port of Hull. This facility provided storage for clients primarily involved with the importing of goods from around the world, prior to despatch to the final end users in the UK & Europe. In addition to this service, the company developed a pick & pack operation catering for the supply of PPE to the offshore renewable energy sector.

Having taken a step back from the day to day business, his passion remains in supporting the industry and those that work within it.

He believes that FEO provides great support to those individuals seeking to develop themselves within their own sphere of business and commerce.

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