Gary Gallen

Gary Gallen

CEO - rradar

Starting any company and building it into a major player in a tough local and regional economy is a significant achievement. But when it is based around a new concept that disrupts an entire industry, then the achievement becomes truly inspiring.

Gary Gallen is the CEO and founder of rradar, a specialist litigation and commercial law firm with headquarters in Hull and offices in Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow, employing 150 across these locations and plans to expand further.

As a successful and trusted criminal and regulatory solicitor, Gary grew convinced there was a better way to deliver legal services than just following the traditional model. Gary’s vision was to combine legal expertise with ground-breaking digital tools to proactively manage, educate and advise clients, reducing their legal risk.

Gary created a law firm that not only specialises in the expert management of legal crises but also helps to prevent them happening in the first place. Gary’s vision recognised that many business owners don’t fully understand the law or corporate regulations, and when faced with a legal problem, many would ignore it and hope it goes away or try to tackle it themselves. Either option could mean having to bring somebody in at the last minute, at a big cost, to sort out the resulting problem.

Technology and digitalisation are at the core of everything that rradar represents. From the websites that provide online resource templates and downloadable documents, podcasts, webinars and videos, to a virtual legal assistant app built by rradar in-house developers, these are just some of the methods that the firm has adopted to deliver advice, guidance and education to thousands of businesses, large and small, making the law more accessible to them.

Gary’s vision and ambition continue to result in major advances for the company, forging partnerships with global insurers, joining national business growth initiatives and developing strong commercial partnerships across the UK.

Raised in Scunthorpe, it seemed only natural to Gary to base rradar on the banks of the Humber, making a positive contribution to the local economy and employing many people from the area.

Gary is now supported by a team of dedicated solicitors, legal advisers, in-house developers, design & media specialists whose combined strength makes rradar a powerful advocate & champion for businesses, allowing them to navigate an everchanging environment of regulation, compliance & litigation risk.

Gary’s experience of working with start-ups, small, medium and large businesses, advising shareholders, founders and directors, along with fund raising, buyouts, recruitment and scaling a business are all skills he is able to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs, peers and colleagues.

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