David Lamb

David Lamb

Director - Applied Psychologies

Dr David Lamb is a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He is the Co-founder, Director and Principal Educational Psychologist at Applied Psychologies, a multi-agency service based in Hessle providing support to over 170 schools across the North of England. 

After successfully building and growing Applied Psychologies for ten years (which all started as an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin), David and his co-founder sold a majority stake in the company to create an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), promoting greater collaboration within the team and developing strong company resilience. Over the last couple of years David has overseen the development of an EOT board and EO forum which in addition to providing greater structure and accountability, it has also given employees a voice in how the company is being run, as well as a share in the profits made. 

A former Great Britain Judo international which saw him travel the world competing and training, and which sparked his interest in positive psychology, David is a guest lecturer at the University of Nottingham and the University of Lincoln, where he is also an honorary alumni speaker. David is regular speaker at large conference events where he enthusiastically combines evidence-based practice with 'on the job' experiences to demonstrate how psychology can make a real difference. 

David has particular passion for delivering and training professionals in solution-focused psychology using Working On What Works (WOWW) approaches to create inclusive learning environments, promote well-being and support goal-orientated thinking. He is also interested to explore how positive psychology and motivational theories can be applied within the workplace and is keen to learn from other professionals who work in product development. 

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