Dale Waterson

Dale Waterson

Director - K&G (Yorkshire)

As a 13 year old with very little interest in conventional subjects, and an admittedly poor academic record, being introduced to engineering at school was a complete turning point in my life. Whilst my grades were low, I still had a lot to offer - I was technically minded; a creative problem solver who liked to ask questions, and better still - find solutions.

By 15, I was pouring all of my time and efforts into engineering and construction. I was thriving. By 17 I had enrolled in an apprenticeship, committing myself to Carpentry and Joinery where I found the old school methods fascinating, and grew massively both personally and technically under the discipline of the trade. I’ve been self-employed since the age of 21, working on a wide variety of construction sites as a carpenter joiner. Today I am very much an advocate of helping young people find their path in life - something I strongly believe is rooted in the journey I underwent whilst finding my way into the trade.

K&G Ltd is the Carpentry joinery business I formed 15 years ago. Our projects vary from working on new build housing developments, on a labour only basis, to supplying and fitting an array of commercial projects. Alongside our day to day trade, We offer a bespoke pedestal making service. Through this niche, we work with a number of high end art and antiquities dealers - servicing their galleries and making their display plinths, no matter how unusual or creative their request may be.

The business is going very well, and in recent years - as a result of a lot of hard work and dedication from the incredible team I am surrounded by, has really blossomed. Every day is a school day, and we thrive on learning new things, expanding our technical abilities, and helping each other become the best versions of ourselves. We are moving forward together, taking small steps every day to overcome any and all challenges we face and constantly aiming to improve. On behalf of my whole team, I can confidently say that we love it.

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