Antony Eltherington

Antony Eltherington

Managing Director - Eltherington Group Ltd

Antony Eltherington is the Managing Director of Eltherington Group Ltd, one of the UK’s largest independent aluminium company’s and his family’s business since 1960.

Antony has been instrumental in developing and growing the business to achieve a £22 million turnover with over 170 staff over the last 15 years. Part of his company’s success stemmed from Antony’s development of supply chains from sources in the Far East that helped reduce costs and increase productivity.

Over these 15 years, Antony expanded and diversified groups of companies and increased product portfolios into new markets. He changed the management team and their strategy communication, with the intention to empower the senior teams and commit them to long term strategy plans. Antony delivered numerous HR consultation projects to maintain staff motivation and give them a competitive edge.

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